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One-way to be sure that you get what you want, is to practice playing the affirmations game. The great thing about this game is that if you play it enough you are assured of victory! I hope you understand the significance of that statement!

I have never seen someone use affirmations that did not get what they want. How do we go about playing this game? Well itís like this, anytime something happens in your life thatís bad, try and look for the good in the situation and then make a positive affirmation out of it. Letís say you wreck your car.

You never really liked that car anyway but and here comes the material for the affirmation. (YOU had full coverage on this vehicle and now you get another for $5oo, because that is all your deductible is. So you make up a positive affirmation over the wrecked car. I am glad I wasnít hurt in the accident but I also get a new car for $500 to replace the older car I had which I hated, man am I lucky!

So anytime you are feeling low about the wreck you say your affirmation and sooner rather than later you will start to feel lucky and you will fall in love with your new car. Have a problem, say an affirmation about it, because for everything bad that happens, there is something good that comes out of it.

You are Mad because you got two points from the accident, say the affirmation. (THIS IS MY FIRST TWO POINTS IS SIX YEARS, MAN AM I A GOOD DRIVER, MY INSURANCE WONíT GOUP AT ALL?) Do these until you feel good! Trust me it works in any situation that you could possible have.

Whatever the situation look for the good in it, it may take you a little while before you find the good, but the sooner you do the faster you can get started the sooner you will find it. You donít just have to wait until something bad happens you can take a good situation and maybe a mediocre situation and make a positive affirmation out of it and use, use, use it all the time until you get the desired results out of that situation and the way you do that is through positive affirmations.

Just keep them up relentlessly and in the end you will come home the winner, as you will have ended up with what you wanted in the first place. So please donít underestimate the power of this little game, I said it once and Iíll say it again, if you use positive affirmations you will succeed!

Not maybe, you will come out victorious. Man this is a great day; I love my spouse, EVEN MORE THAN I DID YESTERDAY! Even though itís a Monday itís going to be a great week because I get a raise today? Yesterday I felt gloomy, but today I feel great and look great, there is nothing that I canít do! Let me state here fore the record, that is may not always be easy and sometimes itís not even fun, but if you continue you will get positive results. Itís not easy but it is worth the price of admission.

Keep practicing and before you know you will find the good in every situation and before you know you will be finding the good in everything and before you know, you will be getting the results you wanted! I promise?

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