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Spiritual wealth is wealth that derives from knowledge. To gain spiritual wealth entails acquiring spiritual knowledge.
Facts and information about the spiritual aspect of life are what constitute spiritual knowledge.
Such facts and information include:

facts about our spiritual nature and the purpose of our life;
information about God and the role He plays in human affairs;
facts and information on the way our spirituality shapes and orders human life and society;
and information on the spiritual principles and processes that regulate our activities and influence the outcome of our pursuits.
We require these facts and information if we are to avoid groping through life guided only by our instincts and emotions.
We need these facts and information if we are to perform at our full potential and so get the most out of life.

Let us now examine the many benefits a person will derive from acquiring spiritual knowledge.
Human ability is limited. So is our life span. Consequently, no one has the ability or the time to acquire knowledge and
skill in all areas of human endeavour.
And so each individual acquires training and then participates in a particular trade or profession.
No human being can accomplish all things. If a businessman's car breaks down, he will need a mechanic to fix it.
And in the event that the mechanic falls ill, he will need to see a doctor for treatment. We need others and others need us.
The sexes need each other in the domestic enterprise of starting and raising a family.
It is an apt description of our situation when we say: "no man is an island".

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Creative Imagination
Reaching Goals
Manifesting your life
Mind Tricks
Self Esteem
Inner Guidance
The Human Mind
Mental Training
Active Relaxation
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